The Blue Hat Foundation’s mission is to support our Denver police family through financial, health and wellbeing programs.


Financial Assistance

The Denver Police Blue Hat Foundation continues the legacy of founding member Detective JC Tyus and honors the original mission of providing support through financial assistance to active and retired members of the Denver police family in their time of need. In 2024, in honor of Sharon Sekerak’s 50 years as a Career Service employee, outreach was extended to include Professional Staff.

Types of Assistance considered:

  • Out-of-pocket medical expenses due to a health-related crisis.
  • Incidental or unanticipated costs associated with a health-related crisis.
  • The Board of Directors has the flexibility to consider other unexpected hardships and emergencies causing financial strain.
  • Coverage of an active officer’s health insurance premiums while under suspension for a line-of-duty action until such time as the matter is resolved.
Wellness and Resiliency Support

The Denver Police Blue Hat Foundation sponsors and supports programming and services that promote the physical, mental, and financial health of the employee, their immediate family members and their career. The Blue Hat Foundation believes in the value of developing the skills and providing the tools needed to successfully weather life’s hardships. The Foundation oversees the Family Enrichment Group, offering guidance and support to Denver Police employee family members through social engagement, programming and services.

Compassionate Outreach

Denver police employees who are out for an extended period due to illness or injury are provided support and encouragement through outreach such as cards and flowers to let them know that they are not forgotten during their absence. The Blue Hat Foundation provides recognition in honor of retired officers and professional staff who have passed away by sending plants or donations ‘in lieu of’ at the family’s request.

Help us in our continued mission to support our Denver police family through financial, health and wellbeing programs.