supporting our denver police family

To celebrate our 25th anniversary we have changed our name to the Denver Police Blue Hat Foundation, previously known as the Denver Police Officers Foundation. This new name is a nod to our tradition of passing the hat in support of our Denver Police Department family.

Who We Are

The Denver Police Blue Hat Foundation’s mission is to support our Denver police family through financial, health and wellbeing programs.

What We Do

The Denver Police Blue Hat Foundation funds and manages three pillar programs, events and scholarships that assist active and retired Denver police officers and professional staff.

Why We Matter

"In 2023, I suffered a major heart attack and required several life-saving procedures. Soon after, the medical bills began arriving and I almost had another heart attack upon seeing what my financial responsibility was after insurance! Additionally, my prescriptions were nearly $800 a month. In no time, I exhausted my HSA and emergency savings. I felt overwhelmed and in need of a lifeline, but I was reluctant to ask for the help. A friend reached out to the Blue Hat Foundation on my behalf. The Foundation was extremely helpful, providing funds to get me to a place where I could pay for my medical bills and prescriptions without being overextended financially. I cannot express my eternal gratitude - it means far more than anyone will ever know."


Active DPD Sergeant Robert Motyka
"When we found out that Frank was going to have major surgery, at St. Joseph downtown, I had planned to get a hotel room where I could rest and regroup every evening as we live an hour away. When the Denver Police Blue Hat Foundation was made aware, by one of Frank's fellow officers ,of our plans, they quickly stepped in and arranged to provide me with very nice accommodations close to the hospital. Having a safe and comfortable place to stay not only allowed me to rest well but also gave Frank peace of mind knowing that I was safe, allowing him to recover and heal. The incidentals, at the hospital, added up quickly and having to pay for a hotel room would have been a big financial burden. The foundation's outpouring of support was a tangible blessing beyond measure.


While the financial help was comforting, the emotional support was just as much. The foundation was quick to reach out to me and offered countless words of encouragement as we walked a very difficult journey. Frank and I will forever be grateful for the big hearted members."


Frank (DPD Detective Retired) and Kristin Harrington

"In 2024, I was involved in a burn incident with burns covering 25% of my body. I was hospitalized for a month and had home health care for a month before returning to limited duty. The toll on my body, mind and spirit was just as difficult as the toll all of it was and remains to be on my family. As the sole working parent, it was also a difficult time for our family financially. With thirty years in law enforcement, I have never been so proud and thankful for my DPD family rallying around us in so many ways. The Blue Hat Foundation was a significant part of our support through encouragement and a financial gift. We are indebted to the foundation for what they have done for us as well as for their continued efforts to help and support others."

Active DPD Technician Todd Gentry

Bensard Medical Scholarship

In memory of Retired Technician Jacques Bensard and his wife Alexisa, this scholarship assists with medical education tuition for children and grandchildren of active and retired Denver police officers.

Thank You to Our Generous Sponsors

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